Since 2001 improving solutions – 20 years

About Us

With more than 20 years on global markets, EuroSafe is a leading manufacturing group of personal protective equipment in different fields as military, medical and firefighting.
In partnership with Universities and laboratories, we develop, test and certify our products according to the most recent standards on quality, management and environment.
Our team is highly skilled to provide the best solutions and sharing all of our expertise in the industry with you, aiming to reach the best product and service with total satisfaction.
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Social Responsability

EuroSafe Group has worked with several local partners, particularly sports and cultural partners. Being a responsible business is an essential part of our success and continued experience. We’re aware of the role that an organisation should perform in society, not only at an economic level but also at a social and cultural one. How we manage our business and cooperate with the community is as important as the business we develop.

Our Values

Always keep our focus on our customers

Driven to achieve every goal we set for ourselves

Integrity, ethics and transparency ​

Innovation and continuous improvement​