Celebrating 20 years of Experience.

Ballistic Protective Vests

EuroMil manufacture customized products and fulfil different countries for different needs. You can provide
your model and/or colour, and we will serve you.
You can contact us for further and detailed information. We make all our products in our own country and
using high-quality material.


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Material: 100% Nylon 1000Denier / 100% Nylon Webbing / 100% Nylon Thread / Ykk Buckle / Wt 0.90 kg
The vest is manufactured with military-level material, high strength nylon straps, and structure strengthening
stitches. We provide many modularsets for your purchase choice.
Material: KEVLAR or PE
Protection part: Front, back and sides (optional shoulders, upper arms sides and groin (detachable)).
Protection level: NIJ Standard-0101.06 Level IIIA and below (up to higher level with ballistic plates).
Optional: Removable structure design, which is convenient and quick to release in an emergency.
Multi-Threat Body Armour System is a protective personnel system suited to the requirements of the modern
battlefield, well-proven in combat environments. It provides ballistic protection comprising a set of soft
shrapnel-resistant inserts and four solid bullet-proof ballistic plates protecting against bullet penetration,
including anti-tank missiles.
The Armour System is compatible with a standard MOLLE/PALS system for customized pocket and pouch
combinations to suit the user’s needs. The vest is equipped with a quick-release (QR) system, which allows for
expedient doffing in an emergency. The protection class may be selected to match the specific needs and
duties of the user. Vest weights range from 4 to 13 kg depending on the ballistic protection level provided.

Outer cover material:
• Cordura / Nylon / Oxford cloth
• Available Color: Camo, Sand, Khaki, Olive Drab, Black, Army Digital or customized.
• Size: Standard/or custom made
• Material Advantage: Waterproof, durable, heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant.
• Water-resistant
• Adjustable high side
• Padded shoulder straps and closures
• Extensive hook-and-loop adjustments for overlapping side and front ballistic
• Front and rear plate pockets for hard armour plates
• Rugged Nylon outer carrier