Celebrating 20 years of Experience.

Camouflage Uniforms

Camouflage uniform made of 90% cotton and 10% polyamide, with a green, brown, beige and black combination of camouflage. Available in different international camouflage patterns and solid dyed colours.


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Technical specifications:
• Made of 90% cotton and 10% polyamide
• Camouflage: green, brown, beige, black
• The jacket fastens with a zipper and buttons
• It has four front pockets and a velcro strap for identification
• The sleeves are adjustable through a metal buckle
It has six pockets:
• Two on the front, one on each side. The left side pocket has a zipper.
• Two in the back, closing with a button
• Two on each side of the leg
• Waistband and ankle have cords for adjusting

We can produce various international Camouflage patterns and solid dyed colours, as we have rich experience and resources in this area.

The colours we usually manufacture are as follows:
• Woodland
• Tri-color desert
• Digitaldesert
• DigitalCity
• U.S.Digital
• Digitalwoodland
• A-tacs FG
• A-tacsAU
• Multi-Camo
• ItalyCamodesert
• ItalyCamowoodland
• Mandrake
• Typhon
• Highlander
• GermanDesert
• GermanWoodland
• Six-desert
• Nightcamo
• Darkdigitalocean
• Lightdigitalocean
• Greydigital
• Khaki
• Green(OD)
• Sand
• NavyBlue
• BritishDesert
• BritishOcean
• AustraliaCamo
• PhilippineCamo

Our size is from:
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.